handpainted signs from Nepal
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Beware of Dog. Nepali artists paint signs on metal. Before and After. The story behind Danger Dogs. Click on the names of the different artists at the top of the page for various styles.

Nepal map.
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Oooooh, I want some for MY dogs! Imagine my buddy Silver as in my photo in my profile on a sign representing for Aussies.

Very cool find nickyskye.
posted by Eekacat at 6:36 PM on September 25, 2008

When I win the lottery this weekend, I'm taking everyone in this thread to Nepal.
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This one is my fave so far.

And this one made me LOL.

Thanks for a great post, nickyskye!
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I'm just posting so RavinDave will take me to Nepal. Also because these are great!
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These are great! But I'm not sure exactly what I'm supposed to "beware" of here. Fleas?
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Yay, RavinDave! According to Wunderground, the weather in Nepal will be warm and humid this weekend, with possible showers, so everybody pack accordingly.
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Oh, my God these are great. For some of these, the words say beware but the dog is obviously ready for you to throw the frisbee.

And the cats! such personalities.
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Oh this is the best site. Here's my fav.
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They even paint horses too, not bad artist/s? most people don't have $250 for a painting of their dog tho
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He likes readin' and disembowelin'. And he's all out of breezy summer books.
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Actually, while it would be awesome to have some custom made for my obviously awesome dogs, the originals are great, and I'd love one of them. I must travel to Nepal!
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Aw, soft spot for most things Nepali. But these are particularly nice. Thanks, nickyskye.
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As if I didn't need another reason to go to Nepal. Can my dog come too? Maybe he can become enlightened.
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The Pandavas believed it time for them to leave this world too and they embarked upon the 'Great Journey,' which involved walking north toward the polar mountain, that is toward the heavenly worlds, until one's body dropped dead.

One by one Draupadi and the younger Pandavas died along the way until Yudhishthira was left alone with a dog that had followed him all the way.

Yudhishthira made it to the gate of heaven and there refused the order to drive the dog back, at which point the dog was revealed to be an incarnate form of the God Dharma (the God who was Yudhishthira's actual, physical father), who was there to test Yudhishthira's virtue.

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These are great, thanks nickyskye. Enlightened dogs be aware!
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All the bunnies are enlightened? ALL of them? Not one person thought to do a Danger Bunny? Or at least a beware of bunny?

This was going to be totally awesome, but now it's ruined.
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Naberius - in spite of their immense & obvious talents, no Nepalese artist living is up to the task of depicting the incalculable horror & fearsomeness that is DANGER BUNNY.
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Can't a dog be both enlightened and dangerous? Why must we impose such humiliating limitations on dogs?

Dogs of the world, UNITE! You have nothing to lose but your leashes!!
posted by flapjax at midnite at 11:24 PM on September 25, 2008

what an enlightened & dangerous dog might look like
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Cool signs. Although, having shopped for art in Nepal myself I would like to know how much of the $250+ goes to the Nepali artist in question.
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You know nickyskye, in the face of global warming, election hysteria, and a tanking economy, I am getting pretty goddamn sick and tired of the consistently awesome quality of the posts you make to the front page of a certain community weblog.
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Thanks Ritchie, kind of like USO for the troops on the blue.
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Fabulous find, nicky! I love this kind of stuff. Your before and after link is fun, showing the variation in painting styles from the same subject. I also love the danger cats too.

BTW, on flickr there is a handpainted signs of the world pool - although they vary in quality. I keep my eye on some of the African Barber Signs.
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