Rococo Exhibition
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Continuing Curve, brings together an unprecedented collection of designers and objects of different eras to celebrate the joyful and liberating spirit of rococo.

found here
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Looks like a fine exhibition: thanks for posting. On a quick look, I didn't see any discussion of the etymology of the term, which seems to have initially held negative connotations. Can anyone shed more light on this?
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From the site:

The rococo impulse went underground during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries

... when lonely, obsessed individuals met in shadowy basements all over the country, to practise together their dangerously elaborate wood carving skills away from the prying, scornful eyes of men. One day they would be accepted again by decent society, one day...
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*sigh of joy

I love the "tastelessly florid or ornate" fun of rococo. YAY exuberance! In small, luxurious dollops like whipped cream.

That chair gives me a rush of smiles. It's a bit elvish but I love the scroll underneath. Ah the teal and gold.

Thanks for the post hortense. Must go up to the Cooper Hewitt and see these treasures with my own eyes.

Some rococo I like is at the Frick.
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Wow I love this vase.
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Me too! that was the kicker that 'made me' post.
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But dhruva, that won't hold water
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It is gorgeous however. Another fabulous post from hortense
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