Remember Screech?
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Remember Screech? Ran across this site today and although I was never a big fan of the show Saved by the Bell, seeing this and hearing the songs made me chuckle quite a bit. Oh, by the way, that's him on the far right of the band photo.
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Oh. I thought you were talking about this Screech (which I don't remember very well).
posted by snowmelter at 12:08 PM on May 8, 2001

screech is ACTUALLY neil diamond's son!! so there must be some musical talent there. "sweeeeet caroline...ta da da"
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Weren't there a bunch of rumors back in the day that screech was dead? I seem to remember something like that.
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Is it true that screech is Neil Diamond's son? Because I definitely have heard that he is Mike D's (Beastie Boys) brother, and there is certainly a resemblance. Can anyone confirm or deny?
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I saw a Where-Are-They-Now show awhile back that exposed Screech as a struggling ex-star who was broke and sharing a ratty townhouse with his father/business manager, against whom he'd filed a lawsuit of some sort, hoping to follow in Gary Coleman's [tiny] footsteps. They interviewed his father in one segment and he was definitely not Neil Diamond.

I also have heard the Mike D rumour, but no verification.

I have no life.
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Mike D isn't his brother, Neil Diamond isn't his father, but this is his band.

found all this in an interview given to the University of Iowa newspaper.
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From the Beastie Boys FAQ:

Q: Is Dustin Diamond, the dude who plays Screech in that TV show, Saved By The Bell, really Mike D's brother?

A: Although some say they look alike, and despite the fact that they share the same last name, the two Diamonds are not related. They are not related to Neil Diamond either.
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screech is doing fine. he makes 'how to play chess' videos now.
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Hmmm. Bass. Why am I not surprised? ;-)

(having said that, if anyone's got an old Tanglewood Rebel for sale, please drop me a line)
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...and if you haven't seen video clips from said chess videos, you owe it to yourself to do so. They look as if their budget was $1.98.
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I, for one, am fully enjoying their music. I think they're highly talented and pretty much rock. And, although I was well-beyond the general target audience of Saved By The Bell, as far as age-wise, I must confess to a guilty pleasure in watching the show from time to time and thinking that the character, Screech, was the one saving grace of the whole show.

I'm not sure what that says about me. I asked to be put on their mailing list, anyway.
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Every once in a while I'll see Screech around town... He acts like an infant in his SUV and acts like he's a player when it comes to the ladies [Dustin Diamond has hit on 3 of my ex-girlfriends...]. Mostly because I'm a shit and I have no respect for former child stars that think they're all that, [Riki Lake episode anyone?] I harass Screech every time I see him. Making him sink low in his skin makes me feel like a bigger person even tho I probably make less money than him and take public transit.

But anyway, since they're both in the same area perhaps Screech and Tina Yothers' band can do a bill together... Just a thought.
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