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Grzegorz Jonkajtys's short films include Mantis, Legacy, and the Best of Show winner at Siggraph 2007, Ark. (All movies are QuickTime.) More on the making of Ark here. [via]
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It's gorgeous to look at but I'm curious what specific technical achievements won it the prize at Siggraph. Is there a novel rendering technique? And the making-of article wasn't clear (to me) on the relationship between the sets and the renderings. Were the sets actually in the film? It all looked rendered to me, but maybe that was the point.

From a story point-of-view I dislike how shorts feel compelled to throw a twist in at the end to up the dramatic tension or to exaggerate the relief in the denouement. I will concede that it's better than "Chicken Crossing".
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I found "Ark" to be a bit confusing and way depressing, but I often feel that way. Nice to see Leonard Nimoy is still working though (oh, and the nurse was kinda hot).
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I dislike that tendency in shorts too, GregZero. As short as they are, they often feel like mostly padding for a story twist or reveal shot.
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