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Verve Photo. Photographer and photo editor Geoffrey Hiller has created Verve to feature photos and interviews by the finest young image makers today. Verve is a reminder of the power of the still image. Verve will also point you to new photo agencies, publications and inspiring multimedia projects.
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It's like a symphony of bittersweet images.
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There is a lot of great stuff here. My favourite image on the front page right now is this one by Amy Stein.
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A great find. I spent an hour going through previous posts.
posted by jim in austin at 1:04 PM on October 20, 2008

Yup, really great sleection of photos. Great post.
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I can't wait until I have some extra time to really dig through these.
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As a former photojournalism major, I really love good documentary photography. With the cutbacks in the newspaper industry and the combination of job titles, it's been difficult to see more good documentary photography. Yes, we have citizen journalism and people taking pictures with their phones to get us closer to the actual action than ever before, but what we often miss is a trained eye to do what Henri Cartier-Bresson said best, "capture the moment."
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