We pick up our mail in the 1800s
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The Online Time Travel Pharmacy. It is the combination of Indian manufacturers and Canadian pharmacists working together that allows us to do this. By the same guy who brought you this and this.

and this.
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Wow, that Wizards page was WAY AWESOME. My wizarding powers have been augmented in new and astonishing ways! Thanks!!
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To protect privacy of our customers, we discreetly package all medications in unmarked paper envelopes resembling personal mail with the return address in Bombay (Mumbai), India. The only difference is that the name "OnlineTimeTravelPharmacy.com" is written in gigantic letters on the envelope, as well as the warning: DANGER! TIME TRAVEL PILLS ENCLOSED.

Damnit, I think the mailmen are taking my mail and going back to a happier time with my time travel pills..
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They have a liberal return policy, good to plus or minus 10,000 years! How else can we help you? :)
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I took some of these next week. Hi!
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Take two of these and call me in the Enlightenment.
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(Also: as it had been a long while since I checked Get Your War On and other David Rees stuff, I've only just discovered that there are videos! I hope they don't suck.)
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I misread your post and thought it was an online Indo-Canadian pharmacy that one could use while traveling. On arriving at the site I was bewildered, huh, where's the drugs? Prescription to fight a brontosaurus? wtf?

d'oh. Time travel. ha! That's funny. I love being a dumbcluck sometimes, nice surprises on occasion. This is charming in a small but very likable way. I haven't wanted to play pretend for ages. hmmm, Where would it be fun to go? Ooh, I always wanted to see Europe before WWII, when it wasn't Americanized but had its own character. The Corfu of Gerald Durrell, the Alexandria of Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet and Somerset Maugham's Malaysia, his France and London.

Do these pills work for literary time travel too?

You could space travel to NYC and see tonight's Halloween Parade in the Village that is now a tradition.
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That's one comprehensive online tour. I think I'd like to brings some mundane techonology back in time with me, like an MP3 player, or a digital camera, and receive adoration from millions as a techincal wizard. At least until the battery wears out. And you can't overshoot it, either - no one likes to be burned at the stake for a "Thong Song" ringtone.
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WARNING!!USE WITH CAUTION: Side effects may include Causality Violation Inflammation, Boitard-Derleth Syndrome, Clemens Sarcoma, Morphail Effect-Paradox, Everett-Wheeler Rickets, Temporal Clones, Inertial Frame Drift, spontaneous hemorrhaging and/or implosion in extremities, super-strength, deja vu, veja vu, jamais vu, and Transubstantiation.

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Deep Space Nine? Sold!

Sisko OUT!
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Oh and the guy/cartoonist who made this site, David Rees, he rocks. He'll be sort of (a few hundred miles away) in your neck of the woods in a week or so.
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So can they take themselves back to the days when pharmacists could sell opium without a prescription and ship me a couple of ounces?
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Wait... what?
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