Early spirit photography
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Ghosts, apparitions, angels, spiritual visitations and views of the future "The relationship between photography and the spirit world of ghosts, apparitions and angels during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was a blending of popular belief and scientific fraud. The lack of sophistication in the public in an age of deeply held religious values and the generally accepted belief that the camera recorded truth allowed the unscrupulous to exploit the situation for financial gain...This online exhibition explores the diverse interactions between mortals and the spiritual world..." [via Bouphonia]
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I can hardly wait to dive into this. Thank you!
posted by jokeefe at 9:59 PM on October 31, 2008

Ghosts, apparitions, angels, spiritual visitations and devils.
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That's an excellent collection of photographs in your first link. aww. There is a longing in many of them, not just for the past but future as well.

This one's fun, "By the Holy St. Patrick ! There‘s Brannigan‘s ghost."
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Houdini and Lincoln! There's got to be a movie in this somewhere...
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Check out the novel, "Photographing Fairies", and the movie it inspired. The book is rather extraordinary.
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This is really neat. Makes me want to try doing something similar in Photoshop with some old photos.
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