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Heh. I went to the "10 Most Politically Active..." link and got contextual ads for Strayer University, University of Phoenix, and DeVry. I'm in DC, so apparently their ad servers can do geolocation but aren't intelligent enough to figure out I'm online from Georgetown's network.
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The 10 Most Politically Active College and University Campuses

What no Berkley? They're radical, just not active?

I've heard that Berkley was radicalized when Sen. Joe McCarthy just pulled it out of nowhere, as an example of a dangerous hotbed of communism, during a televised hearing. The next day all the radicals started hitch-hiking out there, creating a self-fulfilling characterization.
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thank you very much! =)
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Awesome. Thanks Nicky
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Very awesome. Thanks Nicky!
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You post some of my favorite stuff, nickyskye!
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Thank you for the great resources!
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