Demarco Digital Archive
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The Demarco Digital Archive holds 10,000 images and documents gathered by Richard Demarco, gallerist, Beuys collaborator, founder of the Traverse theatre and a key figure on the Scottish arts scene since the '60s.

Thanks to the archive's annoying interface, I can't see a way to link to specific images, but this piece in the Scotsman offers a few highlights.
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Very interesting, jack_mo, thanks. I wasn't aware of a collaboration between Jimmy Boyle and Joseph Beuys. What a peculiar event that must have been.
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Wow! I'm speechless. I've never heard of this. Clicking on random links has resulted in a totally serendipitous, evocative and rewarding outing. [I agree though, I hate the presentation too.] Thank you very much for posting this.
Richard Demarco has attended every Edinburgh Festival
*T-Shirt collector extraordinaire*
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nice one jack - i have a lot of time for Richard Demarco - the skateraw project is worth a visit as well - i'm currently on a mission he sent me on, so we'll see how that turns out.....
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