Plenty Butter! Plenty Syrup! Very Good!
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YouTubing this clip of Smedley serving Chilly Willy a tall stack of pancakes [More butter? More butter! More syrup? More syrup! Nice? Very nice!] led me to Chilly's Video Den at Chilly Willy's Sub-Arctic World. [Warning: Comic Sans font and a whole cold-butt-load of .wmv's]

Chilly Willy was the creation of Walter Lantz (1900-1994), who also gave us Andy Panda and Woody Woodpecker.

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There's something nicely apropos about the Comic Sans font when accompanied by a butt-load of WMVs.
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I think I love you now, not_on_display.
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Sorry, that should be:

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OK, was there a point at which Chilly Willy no longer spoke words? I remember him only saying "uh-huh" and "nuh-huh", but the pancake clip has him talking.

And yes, thank you for this.
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I always liked this little song at the end of "Chiller Dillers".
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I recently showed a friend's penguin-obsessed four-year-old a Chilly Willy cartoon on my iPhone, via YouTube. He was terrified! Kids today don't get enough TNT, quick-drying cement, or falling anvil gags from Dora the Explorer.
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Well, for pete's sake.... Somebody tell him he can keep warm here, anytime....
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Chilly Will
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TY for finding this!
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