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Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is the first video journal for biological research accepted in PubMed, featuring hundreds of peer-reviewed video-protocols demonstrating experimental techniques in the fields of neuroscience, cellular biology, developmental biology, immunology, bioengineering, microbiology and plant biology, free of charge.
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If the comments are anything like YouTube's, this may set science back by decades.
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I want to see the article on choosing the appropriate soundtrack for your zoological video.
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It's a cool journal, but this is a double.
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Har har, peer-reviewed. The lab I'm in (let's call it X-lab) was approached by these guys. They said it was just as valuable as any other publication (i.e. an article), because it's "peer-reviewed". "Oh, so who's going to review us?" we asked. "Well, I can vouch for you. After all, you're X-Lab, you obviously know what you're doing." Uhhh....

Still, it is cool stuff. And if you trust X-lab, then you can believe it. From what I can tell, Dr. X just doesn't want us to waste to much time with it.
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I hear you Humanzee. Somewhere I've got the slide deck from a talk where the person says, towards the beginning, X happens because the antibody is acting as the limiting reagent, not the analyte. Then, after a huge amount of DOE work, they declare that they can eliminate X by coating the plate with less antibody.

That this person was working for a company whose stock is kicking our stock's butt just made me grind my teeth.
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I guess [to all of the above]. But there is something horrifying, and kind of great, in getting to watch that magnetic tethering process in real time.
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