Iranian Artists are in Demand
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Iranian artists open a window to the world.; is an article discussing (in order) the art of Golnaz Fathi; a classically trained Caligrapher.
From her website 1; 2; 3; 4; and a video.
Tanavoli Parviz - sculpter.
Nadia Ghai-Far - abstract painter( click peintures and fusains).
Farhad Moshiri - multi - disiplinary.
and Shirana Shabazi - photographer.
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Maybe just because I just this afternoon finished reading "Snow Crash", but I find myself to be a big fan of Fathi's work -- calligraphy / language as robust & vivid & vital incarnation / incantation of something much bigger. Striking stuff.

And maybe just because I'm listening to Man Man and am cold, Ghai-Far's work looks like water turning into ice and not being at all happy about the fact.

Thanks for the post!
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