Cartype - gives a whole new meaning to E-type
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Cartype has a huge repository of vehicle logos and other related typography.

In addition, you can see collections such as shield and crest emblems, emblems with animals, and hand-painted type on cars.

They cover European automotive history from the near mythic to the exotic. They also cover American iron from the old to the malaise years to the cutting edge of new.
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My other car is a Mac.
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This is a fantastic resource, thanks for the great post.
I can't help but wonder if GM's abysmal typography (with a few exceptions) is indicative of the quality of their products: Boxy, generic, poor fit and finish.
I blame the downfall of the big three mostly on poor type and bad kerning.
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That's funny, isopraxis. That's what the agencys say when I'm putting the supers and disclaimers on their commercials.
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I'm definitely not a typeface geek but the letters and numbers on the Chevy Impala that I rented last year annoyed me so much that I could never buy one. Well, that and it handled like my mom's old 1970 Ford Galaxy.
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Worth noting that this site was started by Carlos Segura, founder of T26 Digital Type Foundry and the Chicago-based graphic design studio Segura, Inc..
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