Dual Tone Multi Frequency, AMIRITE?
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Beep boop beep! If you wish to become a Touch Tone Genius, you must first practice the Telephone Keypad. Start with the standards -- sheet music and mp3 samples can be found at these two sites. Once you've mastered the easier songs, you can move on to the more challenging classical pieces, like Mozart's Turkish Rondo (K331) for Two Office Phones and Two Cellular Phones. Just don't dial any real phone numbers; that could be a violation of copyright.
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Sadly the phone's a bit limited by itself. Why not use the telephone as an instrument alongside others, as in Telephone and Rubber Band by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra?
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I was just thinking the other day that it would be nice to have a MIDI-enabled phone or a phone tone VST synth.
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But what does DTMF really stand for?
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This...well, rang a bell. I thought I remembered something along these lines; looks like it's true.... Telephone technology has been incorporated into some very elaborate music: Ten open connections were part of John Cage's "Variations VII".

And I'm very much afraid that the people who created 'Songsmi...I can't even finish typing it...may try to do something with 'Touch Tone Genius'. Please don't anyone let this post get into their hands....
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Damn you xil, that was going to be my contribution.
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Also, we cannot stop replaying the Touchtone Genius clip right now.
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Well, if you are going to visit that last site, you might as well see this and this.
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Here's the original animation for which the Touchtone Genius song was commissioned. Not sure why some kids felt the need to make a singalong video.
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When I moved into my new apartment building with a keypad entry, my friend decided she had to figure out how to play Funkytown on it. I think she said someone on South Park did that? She set off the alarm.
I pretended like I didn't know her.
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