Fractal art
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40 fractals created with Apophysis, a freeware fractal flame generator.

For more fractal art, you can browse the extensive collections at deviantART, the source of all the images. mynameishalo and babymik, two of the more extensively sourced artists in the main link, are particularly worth a look, though all the artists are listed under their images. via Mathpuzzle.
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Please have these cleaned up and brought to my tent, where I will mount them in turn.
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Art that even math majors can do!

Seriously, though, these are pretty amazing. I was introduced to this art form last year by a friend, but hadn't seen anything besides her work (which is also very good) until now. Cool post!
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Reminds me of all the fun I used to have years ago with Kai's Power Tools FraxFlame plugin for photoshop.
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I remember playing with FractInt in the days of DOS, letting it run while I was away from the machine, doing other things.

Even now, when the compy's on without something to occupy its spare cycles, I feel like it's slacking.
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These are absolutely beautiful. We have indeed come a long way since the days of Fractint and color-cycling the Mandelbrot set in your choice of rainbow gradients.

(One of the coolest things you could with Fractint was render a deep iteration in segments, which led to the creation in 1992 of an ad hoc server farm in my high school's computer lab. Fifteen 286es all chugging away during lunch periods. It was glorious, man.)
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Wow, amazing graphs.

I just changed to Linux from Windows, so I was disappointed to see that Apophysis is a Windows program. But then I found this Java port, which seems to run ok...I'll continue checking it out.
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Have the police cracked down on raves so bad that they can't even mention dates and locations in their flyers anymore?
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I was going to say these don't look much like fractals or flames, but apparently fractal flames are non-linear iterated function systems with modified coloring.
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telstar: Apophysis runs in WINE, but the last time I tried the UI was too slow to use.
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Fuck this noise. I want the ones that move. Someone please notify me immediately if you find this in motion.
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damnit, greasepig. stealin' my thunder.
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They don't all have to look like a 60's freakout, either.

Apophysis, and the underlying Flam3 Algorithm are easily adaptable to live music setups too if you have the horsepower. All of the above were generated by linking midi parameters to Apophysis parameters [via max/msp and Jitter], jamming while previewing a low-res [64x64 pixels projected on my wall to about 40in diagonal], saving the nice looking moments with f12 and then rendering offline later.
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telestar, try checking out the Qt-based and linux-native qosmic, which is based on the same library.

(Mac users like myself can try Oxidizer.)
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I found this soothing video of a Mandelbrot set zoom on YouTube, while investigating why fractal flames differ from "regular" fractals.
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Awesome! I've even been to some of these places.
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There are also fractal cats.
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Man, this stuff puts my own fractal flame to shame. I guess I should put getting flam3 into Debian/Ubuntu on my eternally growing todo list.
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