Skating in the privacy of your own backyard... or front yard...or barn...the novelty!
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It's the homemade PVC ice rink! (scroll down to comments for commenter's photos of barn loft rink and associated icicles.)

Or, if you're not up for that, have a professional do it for you.

Once you have ice, ya gotta maintain it. Stock up on accessories like your own tiny Zamboni, or "Bambini."

Take it to a weird extreme with "a skating Maypole."
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Actually, first link takes you straight to barn rink photos... scroll up for how-to in the backyard.
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Complete 50' x 100' Package
$250,000 Delivered and Installed anywhere is the US.

Something tells me there's a market for a "Complete 1 km x 1 km" package specially designed for Dubai.
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That barn rink has got to be heavy. Not something I'd put in my barn, but then, I don't skate. Nor do I have a barn.
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Darn, I was hoping this was for a chilled freon or liquid nitrogen system to create a "warm weather" ice rink.
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The wind chill's a killer, that's why I'd rather skate at the beach. Bummer, though, that the seaside skating season is only a couple months long.
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The rifle seen in Clint Eastwood's new movie Gran Torino is an M1 Garand. The rifle's designer, John Garand, was both a brilliant firearms engineer and an ice skater, who put an ice skating rink in his living room.
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What's so novel about this? All the Gretzky kids learned to skate on a backyard rink. What else do you do with your backyard 4 months of the year?
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Part of why I bought the house I did is that there's a perfectly flat yard for the kids to play in. I'd love to do this when the kids get older, but only when they're old enough to shovel and maintain themselves. I'm not going through all that work just to have it buried under a foot of snow the next day.
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I knew a professional ice skater who made her own portable ice rinks strictly out of plastic. She'd get sheets of plastic at the local plastic store and coat them with silicone spray, or something like that. She could set up an ice skating show in a moments notice. (She did a party for Wayne Newton's birthday once).

She says that she and her then skating roommates would set up the sheets in their second story apartment in San Francisco. People walking on the street would look up in amazement at the people gliding across the apartment like ghosts.

The plastic was really hard on the skate blades, however, so they would require frequent resharpening.
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