Rumors of the death of physical media
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Hard Format celebrates the art of record and CD packaging.
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Eponmysterical. This is cool. I count three Revenant releases! I'm surprised not to see anything from Numero Group, but I get the sense that these are artifacts from a personal music collection.
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Beautiful. Even the design choices that should be flubs (what, no image HEIGHT or WIDTH attributes?) work; I love the way the images spazz around until everything's loaded.

Also it reminded me of how much I want that Albert Ayler box set.
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Thanks for this. I've only browsed a little bit, but liked all that I've seen so far. The mystery of the packaging and what's inside a record or CD is what keeps me buying music in physical form. It's just such a treat to see what's hidden inside. Nice to see that others share my enthusiasm. The photography is really great too.
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I don't have any of these. :-(™

My favorite package that I do own in the Miles Dave Complete Bitches Brew, with the blue anodized metal binding. It has a heft equivalent to the music it holds.
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I don't think that it is coincidental that most of these releases are by late-90s experimental electronic musicians or avant garde musicians who intersect their work with the electronic crowd.

It was about the entire design, merging new packaging, new typography, and new artwork with novel forms of musical expression. Raster-noton, in particular, had some clever and fun designs. Their magnetic storage system for the 20'-2000 series was inspiring.

But physical media is definitely a thing of the past. To me, Autechre's Quaristice will probably be one of the last gasps: a heavy steel case, meant to unsubtly remind the listener about the material aspect of holding the record in one's hand.
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Thanks for this. I totally approve.
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Neat. My copy of The K&D Sessions is in pretty much the same condition as this one ... and it's only spent time in my collection -- moving from place to place over the last 11 years -- not a public library.
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This is great.
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Sadly, none of the early zoviet-france packages.
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Sadly, none of the early zoviet-france packages.

Indeed...but it was good to see Hafler Trio represented.
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Smell the Glove
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Fantastic! Thanks for the post.
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Everything Somnia puts out is gorgeous. It's the sort of thing that wouldn't be doable if they did even 2000 cd runs; a lot of hand printing and sewing.

Chain Reaction loses a lot of points for having their tins CRACK their cds.
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