Savage 2, Free Hybrid FPS/RPG/RTS
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Savage 2 is an innovative mix of first-person shooter, third-person action rpg, and real-time strategy. Teams consisting of 18 different classes, each with unique abilities, are divided in squads led by an officer, and under the direction of a single commander with a top down view of the action. Players must help their commander capture resources, advance their front line, and eventually destroy the enemy’s stronghold while accumulating experience and improving their abilities. Did I mention as of December 9th, it has become free to play?

There is an optional pay to play component (a one time $9.99 payment for "prime membership"), but unlike some "free" games, it really isn't necessary to get the full experience or to be competitive. As an added bonus it is independently published, and runs on Mac and Linux as well as Windows based systems.
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The wikipedia article seems out of date.
The game sounds awesome, I'll try and give it a shot between rounds of I hate WoW and I love WoW.
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too flashy for my tastes but this does remind me that Myth: The Fallen Lords was travelling some pretty fertile design ground.
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Neat, I played some Savage 1 back in the day. It was a real chore when the commander was a moron but overall a fun game. Can't beat free.
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Anyone here play Natural Selection? It had a similar mechanic in an Aliens like setting. I used to play it all the time in 2004, but I think it's pretty much died out now.
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Ooooo Mac version!
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Natural Selection, dead!? I'd doubt it, but I suppose it could be true. It was/is a mod for the original halflife. Great game, they've been developing NS2 for years now. It will be awesome when it comes out. Whenever that will be...
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It can be quite fun. I sometimes play as what is basically an engineer. The ebb and flow of the battle can be quasi-epic, and you really get the feeling you are part of a grander scale.
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Heathkit: I think some Mefighters are playing Natural Selection and last time I checked there's was a server going on.
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oh, btw, I was wondering... could some Savage 2 player link to good guides and tutorials so I don't hop in and get the usual "LERN 2 PLAY U NOOB"?
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There is actually a decent tutorial that can be accessed through the main menu, not to mention servers dedicated to new players. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

I'd definitely recommend holding off on trying commander until you've played a few games though.
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