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Enjoy a wide selection of free extreme sports shorts [flash] in the "Sweetspots" section of the Nike ACG website. Includes further ridiculousness shot in the same location as this previous post
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Since this is an advertisement, I was pretty skeptical going into this website.

I think this is a great concept and really well executed. Although, it almost gave my craptop a seizure.
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If you like this you'll probably enjoy The Red Helmet (youtube), which was also featured as part of this year's Banff Mountain Film Festival (Youtube intro video with lots of extreme footage, a good beat and some sponsor crap in the middle).

Each year after the two week festival there is a world tour of select films, check out if it's coming near you in Canada, United States or International (international dates TBC).
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I prefer my sports extreme to the max. Got anything for me?
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The cliff jumpers -- those people are amazing. Unbelievable courage. I won't jump off a curb if I can help it, these guys jump off of cliffs, for fun, got to be overcoming every bit of human experience against self-destruction. And I like how the guys in the special flight suits sortof look how Jesus is often depicted, wonder if as one of his miracles he maybe flew around with a special 'flight robe', could be he flew from village to village healing people and stuff.

In Sweet Spot No16, the guys climbing the limestone in China were carrying drills, placing bolts, a huge turnoff to much of the climbing community, who would (and often do) die before they'd ever consider placing a bolt; hammer in a piton, sure, loop a rope around a rock horn somehow, you bet, place an ice screw or use snow stakes or whatever it is that you can get a rope around, but placing a bolt makes anything climbable. I'm not saying for me -- I often have difficulty climbing out of my bathtub, I wouldn't climb a wall over twenty foot even if it was made of bolts -- but for the purist climbing community, bolts are out of the question and anyone who uses them totally dissed.

Great post, beautifully filmed, quality stuff, great for the blue.
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