We have books.
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Weee! Book scramble! (Single link Daily Mail article.)
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It's like Thunderdome with bifocals.
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Heh. You can tell it's the Daily Mail from the second comment beneath the article:

Reminds me of the government's effort at running the country. They've given up on keeping the books. Security is a joke. And anyone can get in.

Thanks for that. For a split-second there I'd thought I was reading a newspaper.
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There's a secondhand bookseller just across the green from where I live. I might give this a try myself tomorrow morning.
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I'd forgotten I installed this greasemonkey script.

Also, the caption of the last photo:
"Thousands of people have turned up to literally help themselves to the books."

I'm blanking on ways you could metaphorically help yourself to the books. Seriously. Help?
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The books ranged from Stephen King novels to other classic and cookery and self-help

Yup, that's the Daily Mail.
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One of us should have gone and see if there wasn't a copy of A Compleate Taxonomie of Taters in there, so we could finally settle the damn thing over.
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Who cares? Nobody reads anymore. They are probably being picked up by pensioners for winter fire fuel in lieu of a sympathetic ear from the Labour government.

I am glad to see books are still coveted in this day and age. TV no thank you give us a free book any day.

Of course you don't want any nasty TVs-- they don't burn like a good pile of books.
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This is a bookworm's wet dream.
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The contents of the aircraft hangar-sized warehouse are a librarian's worst nightmare, with the books piled willy-nilly and not separated according to subject or genre.

Oh no. The books are not separated according to subject or genre. **swooons**

I think my worst nightmare still involves flesh-eating cockroaches and inadvertent public nudity.
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Odd given that I live only a short distance away from this place that I learn about it through a link here to a Daily Mail story.

It was hard enough finding worthwhile books there when they were all on shelves and categorised by genre now it is likely to be impossible to wade through the ocean of Da Vinci Codes, Jilly Coopers and Jeffrey Archers to find an overlooked Philip Jose Farmer.
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Given they were an Amazon warehouse I wonder if the books were originally arranged by, say, ISBN (which would be effectively grouped by publisher and sorted by publication date within that).
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Ironically this seems like the makings for a King short-story; I imagine something about people going in there and being swallowed up by the mounds of books and then appearing in the stories afterwards. Kind of like Robert De Niro's death in Brazil.
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In the summer, my parents' hometown library has a book sale in the town armory. It's not quite knee-deep, and the books *are* sorted by topic, but man - $3 for all the books you can carry!

Good times. I would definitely go wading about in books just to see what was there. I think I'd be most upset that the books weren't neatly stacked, rather than being upset that they weren't sorted. MAKE ORDERLY PILES, PEOPLE.
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Single link Daily Mail article

This phrase should never, and I mean NEVER, appear in a MeFi FPP.
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