The Forgotten People
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What if you were one of the Rohingya people, and you faced death in trying to escape, or were expelled from your Homeland. Would you wait for others to help, or would you try and do it yourself...
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"We express our serious concern that Association of Southeast Asian Nations agreed on February 27, 2009 in Hua Htin, Thailand to send hundreds of Rohingya boatpeople back to Burma. We have not expected such a verdict from the 10-member regional bloc.

We would remind the ASEAN leaders that Burma under the ruling military SPDC is just like a hell particularly for the Rohingya people. The military regime is cunning, cruel and brute, and it has not the least sense of human rights. It will be totally injudicious to send the boatpeople back to Burma against their will." - Arakan Rohingya National Organisation

"The Obama administration says countries to which Burmese Rohingya migrants have fled should carefully screen them — with the involvement of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) — to determine if they need protection."
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I am not sure whether to stop believing in God or start believing in the devil.
What is it about humanity that causes us to be such horrible people?

Someone, in another post, made a comment about dropping E in the worlds water supply. I'm starting to believe that's a good idea.

There was a short story by Stephen King, where two brothers discover a water source that makes people kinder, gentler (but they also start to lose their brain power). Anyway, the brothers manage to get the water into a live volcano and when the eruption occurs, the mist makes its way around the world and every one stops killing and hurting each other.

If only we could find such a water source.
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A terrible story about a forgotten group. Things would be different were the elected leader of Burma were in power.
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In case people aren't familiar with ASEAN, it's a Southeast Asian mockery of the European Union: it makes absurd declarations of progress, creates toothless human rights panels to lend legitimacy to regimes like Burma's, and manufactures imperialist cartoons to teach SEA urbanites about its great benefits.
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Things would be different were the elected leader of Burma were in power.

True, but the junta will never let that happen.
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