MGMT vs France
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The French UMP party are being sued by the duo MGMT over the use of their song Kids. UMP paid a standard €53 fee to France's music licensing body, but MGMT's lawyer Isabelle Wekstein says that this was not enough to cover subsequent uses of the song, particularly on the Web. UMP has admitted using it, but said it was a mistake and has offered a symbolic gesture of one euro (£0.89). The story is getting more coverage as the UMP has been pushing hard for a 'three strikes law' that would banish pirates from the Internet after two ignored warnings, which may be close to passage in the French National Assembly.
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One of the biggest ironies here is that under the three strikes law, mere accusation of copyright infringement online is sufficient to count as a strike - all they have to do is pass over a screenshot with a supposedly infringing IPs on it; which as far as proof goes, is roughly the equivalent of me recording by hand car number plates of cars going down my road, then sending a letter to the police accusing them of speeding.

This reminds of the time the MPAA were caught infringing the copyright terms of forest blog, or sony BMG got sued for seeking support for pirated software.

Those who are most strident about enforcement of copyrights with no exceptions for the slightest human flexibility or foible, turn out to be just as liable to screw up as the rest of us when it comes to making suring every single piece of copyrighted material you ever use is under a suitable licence.
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Today's "Joy of Tech" is apropos.
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Gah. When you can't decide whether to use 'making sure' or 'ensuring', 'making suring' is the phrase for you!
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Man Sarkozy sure is a douchebag.
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Usually, members of the UMP don't even know that the laws they are infringing have been voted by themselves. This is just a further confirmation of that fact.
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Lol, cue future youtube piracy discussions featuring this as an argument for piracy.
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They should have used their song "Time To Pretend"...

"I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and fuck with the stars."
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Got curious, wanted to see the video for the song, loved the "No Copyright Infringement Intended, For Viewing Purpose Only" notice.
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Yes, dabitch, that "legal protection" seems to be spreading rapidly across YouTube. Ludicrous.
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Hoist by their own petard.
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dabitch - I think that's a fan-made video, using the footage from Time to Pretend, so the disclaimer might well be an attempt by the video editor to cover his- or herself.

ArkhanJG - I picked this story up from Slashdot, which also links to a story about BASCAP receiving a cease and desist order related to pirated software and the MPAA being accused of illegally copying This Film Is Not Yet Rated. It seems there should be some company policies in place along the lines of "don't steal stuff, it makes us look like hypocrites." Then again, it could have been some disgruntled employees trying to set up their companies as they left / got fired, though those stories don't feature anyone being the scapegoat for the accidental or unintentional piracy.
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Funny... I hung out and talked about guns and hunting with one of the dudes from MGMT at a NYE party this year. He was a surprisingly nice and down to earth guy. So, I've never met a member of the French UMP party so my allegiance is to nice rocker dude. GIVE THOSE FRENCHIES, HELL!
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They should have used their song "Time To Pretend"...

Alternatively, My dUMPs has a very French feel to it.
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In related news: The Jackson Browne vs. John McCain lawsuit gets a trial date.
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