Postcards from Israel (or stamps, anyway).
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Postcards from Israel (or stamps, anyway). COLOURlovers (previously) has posted a set of color palettes drawn from designer and blogger Karen Horton's flickr collection of vintage Israeli postage stamps.

This isn't the first time COLOURlovers has featured color inspiration drawn from vintage sources--previously, the site posted palettes taken from Depression-era color photographs in the archives of The Library of Congress.
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Stamp collecting was big in Eastern Europe when I was a kid (and maybe still is) - many members of my family enjoyed it. Israel was a favorite country for many, because it was "new" and because of the connections that many Israelis had with Eastern Europe. I recall many of the stamps on the link (but I don't think any are especially rare.) Nice to see them again.
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Those Depression-era palettes are (mostly) grounded by a strong earth hue.
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