Julius Shulman, photographer of iconic California architecture
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NPR article and slide show of the works of Julius Shulman. If you've seen anything by Shulman, you've seen this one. Gas station buffs probably favor this. And, if this one wasn't in Playboy, it should have been! And, bunches more though a google image search. And, at 98, he's still capturing images!
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Thanks for the heads up. Shulman's been one of my favorite photographers for years; his style perfectly complemented the post-Bauhaus International style, and photos taken before and after its heyday simply don't have the same sense of place and timelessness.

Shorpy recently ran a few Shulman photos as well.
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I heard this this morning and wanted to go look at the pictures; thanks for saving me the trouble of hunting them down! There have been some good links in the blue today.
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And, if this one wasn't in Playboy, it should have been!

I'm sorry. I only read Playboy for the interior decorating.
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That first one is the Stahl house in Los Angeles and has been in lots of movies. I couldn't remember where I'd seen it and in Googling it found this old MeFi thread.

Oh and these photos are just wonderful ... nice post.
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Here's a short profile on Shulman from the New Yorker a couple of years ago.
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