Is this the MeFi for the sci-fi convention set?
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Is this the MeFi for the sci-fi convention set? All the big questions of fandom seem to be discussed here: Questions about lizard-man genitalia, what happens when Vulcan women go into Pon Farr, and so much more. God help me... I used to be one of these people in High School...
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If only MeFi's software could be used by other sites like SlashCode, you could see real community blogs running.
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For some reason, this site reminded me of what may be the best way to annoy a comic book shop owner:

You wait until there are a ton of kids crowded around the counter.

You go up to the group and say, "Who would win in a fight between Thor and The Hulk?"

You walk out of the shop very quickly.
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I went to the site and clicked on a random topic. The question under discussion was:

Didn't Robin notice anything (ahem) unusual when she did it with Lizard man?

Robin got pregnant with blondie and Yoda puppet by doing it with Lizard man. Lizard man was dressed in a human suit, but that makes one think... didn't she notice anything UNUSUAL when she was making out with him? I mean, wasn't his skin rubbery, breath bad, and I mean, did he have a suit covering all his parts, and if so how did that work....

It's enough to make our "White House Vandalism: Fact or Fiction!" discussions seem positively lucid ...
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That must be about V!

Oh dear, that didn't make me look so cool, did it?
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I went to a science fiction convention once. WorldCon or something. St. Louis, 1968. Things appear to have changed a bit. This site makes my head spin. Science fiction used to be so simple.
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I stumbled on this site yesterday, when google found me this. Probably the worst piece of crap excuse for a "review" I have ever read.
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Jeez, rodii, you're tough! After all, it does include the important checklist item, "Politics with Politicians". And this important action item: "What kind of sex: - descript of kissing - orgies - actual description of sex - description of breasts - descript. of private male anat."

Hell, I'm not sure why you even need to read the book after you've seen this... ~Grin~
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Well yeah, but those are the best parts. Also "How much of work is main antagonist actually present in: - an average amount", which I found very useful.
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The checklist seems like the idea way for english teachers to determine whether or not students have actually read a book. Imagine if instead of doing essay tests in college, students had to sit down and fill out the "book review" form. I don't even think cliffsnotes would help with that.

And isn't the background borrowed from Larry Niven's "Playgrounds of the Mind"?
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Number 116 in a series

"Scott Bakula--Second Woman to Command a Starship
…But is it really a good idea to pick an actor to play the Captain of the Enterprise who is strongly identified with transvestite roles?"

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I was gonna type something pithy, but I'm still too busy laughing at what toddshot typed.
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