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The World Digital Library is set to open on the 21st of April, but appears to be operating as of now. Coral Cache
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very nice
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interesting pieces presented in aesthetically pleasing fashion. i can ask for no more. i may only be grateful to unesco for making the wdl and djgh for alerting us.
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Where are the British institutions?
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It would appear that they did not choose to participate ... /me shrugs; not that many US institutions either, but what the heck. I'm just delighted to see it and find it fully-operational!
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Maybe the Europeana library (overview / partners) goes at least part way to explain why the lack of UK sites. By the way, I made up a sampling (selflink) from the WDL the other day. It's hard to know what the right balance is between individual institution availability and what is contributed to these portals. A lot of the WDL stuff was already online (maybe half?). I guess as a consumer it's a case of 'the more the merrier' but there must be a lot of politics and economic/rights hand wringing and arguments going on in the background.
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Short (text) interview with the Director of the WDL, John Van Oudenaren.
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