A Whirling Phantasmagoria
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Elphenden — elphen things from Sergei Tretiakov, 1967-2003. In between there were big cities, isolated islands, cannabis, oceans, pain and love...
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Note: Link destination is built out of semi-navigable flash.
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Sketches are good but the digital are excellent, good color and texture. The paintings are very meh.

Yeah, what is it with fine artists and flash? Although this website is easier than many others we've seen.
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this website is easier than many others we've seen.


1) randomly placed unmarked buttons to bring up random images
2) back button broken
3) persistent background techno

this is the worst flash gallery i've ever been trapped in,
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Gave up after a minute when I couldn't find the cannabis.
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Yes, of course McLuhan was talking about "robot stomachs and weird insex" when he wrote The Mechanical Bride. It all makes sense now!
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His digital widgets remind me a lot of the bizarre features and creatures of Jim Woodring's universe.
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