Anger Management Anyone?
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Anger Management Anyone? Turns out that old pc-rage video wasn't that far off the mark...
posted by DiplomaticImmunity (21 comments total)
I'll be the first to admit that I punch the hell out of my Princeton Graphics System EO17 monitor on an almost daily basis. Its a tough cookie too. I've had it for around 6 or 7 years I would estimate.
posted by howa2396 at 9:53 AM on June 7, 2001

I've slowly learned to punch everything but my computer.
Give the monkey a shock, monkey learns. Good monkey!
posted by dong_resin at 9:56 AM on June 7, 2001

Mind you, my poor Ike Turnered drywall hates windows almost as much as I do.
posted by dong_resin at 10:03 AM on June 7, 2001

My mouse broke the other day at work from bashing it around one too many times when I was pissed at my computer. Of course, I figured if I had to break something, it should be the cheapest thing to replace.
posted by almostcool at 10:07 AM on June 7, 2001

I was wondering when somebody would bring up Ike Turner, possibly apologizing in a barry white-like voice...I didn't have the guts to on this one...
posted by DiplomaticImmunity at 10:11 AM on June 7, 2001

Netscape has many-a-time caused me to deliver swift blows to the side of my monitor, often accompanied by a token "What the @#!%?". I'm usually careful about not punching so hard as to break it though. My desk, on the other hand, is a different story. I almost collapsed this thing clear in half a week ago, as both fists came crashing down in a fit of frustration.

My mouse though, oh I could never hurt my mouse. That laser-powered, cordless badass of a mouse cost me a pretty penny.
posted by tomorama at 10:23 AM on June 7, 2001

I pound the keyboard and mouse whenever a major catastrophe happens that's OS related and I couldn't prevent (like a blue screen taking 2 hours of photoshop work with it).

Luckily the Microsoft Natural pro keyboards are quite forgiving and built a lot tougher than the previous versions.
posted by mathowie at 10:24 AM on June 7, 2001

Hmm, is that why the server moved clear across the country Matt? Have you been beating it? ;-)

I usually abuse the mouse as that is what always gives me problems. Right in the middle of a fight for my life in UT always. I keep saying I am going to buy an optical, but I just never seem to get around to it, so I deserve it I guess.
posted by a3matrix at 10:33 AM on June 7, 2001

I skimmed the article and read this: "Novatech's Furby said the company was surprised that a full 25 percent of survey respondents confessed to physically attacking their computers" and thought, "Wow, that furby can sure put together some sophisticated statements."
posted by LeiaS at 10:40 AM on June 7, 2001

I wonder how many people beat their furbies...
posted by DiplomaticImmunity at 10:57 AM on June 7, 2001

I suspect that most of us beat our PC's because they are more accessible than ISP tech reps, MS developers, telecom monopolies, and politicians. All that pent up rage at faceless incompetence and broken promises has to go somewhere.

Peronally I buy cheapo keyboards because they make very satisfying outlets for physical aggression. All those little keys flying everywhere... ahhh, that's better...
posted by Tubes at 11:07 AM on June 7, 2001

Don't due it a3matrix, an optical killed my 133t counter-strike 5ki11z.
posted by Mick at 11:08 AM on June 7, 2001

I'm amazed we've gottan this far without someone pointing out that that clip of the guy beating up his computer...?

He's the shipping manager for Loronix, inc; a company that builds computerized security video recorders.
posted by baylink at 11:13 AM on June 7, 2001

A very cool 3D animation of a destructing mouse (MPEG, 4.7MB) from one of my favorite sites, The Internet Ray-Tracing Competition.
posted by jpoulos at 11:16 AM on June 7, 2001

The only problem I have with that otherwise very cool mouse animation is those scissors. When they hit the floor (twice) they don't move! The don't close more, they don't open more, they don't move at all. The whole thing looked really good until those scissors came falling down, which totally ruined the whole thing for me. They're unnecessary and they're badly done, so they should just go.
posted by crawl at 12:08 PM on June 7, 2001

Last year at my summer job, I was programming something & got really frustrated at whatever I was programming, because it wasn't doing what it was supposed to do (and of course it wasn't my fault). Anyway, I knew better than to hit my computer, so I slammed my fist down on the desk.. and Windows promptly bluescreened. Stupid Windows.
posted by zempf at 12:13 PM on June 7, 2001

due to my husband's pc abuse we have gone through two hard drives, one cd rom, one monitor, a zip drive (this one was literally shattered on the kitchen floor), countless cd rom games (ripped from the putie, broken into several little shards and tossed hither and yon), one mouse and three keyboards. all this destruction in a mere 2 years. i think our in-home service tech is tired of visiting us to repair the damage.

and as far as Furby abuse goes, hubby drop kicked our 3 year old daughter's Furby (much to her amusement) when it refused to stop saying, "ah, ah, ah-choo!". now she thinks that all the computer needs when it locks up is a strategic whack or two and any toy that doesn't stop making noise just needs to be kicked.
posted by s.carrier at 1:48 PM on June 7, 2001

i'm horrified. what kind of monsters are you people? i've never even thought of lashing out at my pc or any peripherals there of. i didn't think anybody actually did.
posted by shinji_ikari at 2:14 PM on June 7, 2001

I'm amazed we've gottan this far without someone pointing out that that clip of the guy beating up his computer...?

Actually, the linked article mentions it...
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 5:00 PM on June 7, 2001 and the link itself.
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 5:00 PM on June 7, 2001

i beat my computer, well, because it's an e-machine. it deserves a good beating.
posted by quonsar at 7:14 PM on June 7, 2001

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