"Get up, you scum suckin' pig!"
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Cult western classic One-Eyed Jacks (1961) is the only film ever directed by Marlon Brando, who happened to replace the original director, none other than Stanley Kubrick.
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This movie has ruined the beach experience for everyone around me. I can't resist complaining about, "Them damn waves, floppin up and down on the beach all night!"
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"I thought I told you to shawt up."

Love this movie. I watch it least once a year.
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By directing himself in an extended torture sequence, Brando must have been a big influence on Mel Gibson.
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The loss & destruction of Brando's original 300 minute cut is such a terrible shame. I wish I could have seen it.
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I don't know if I can really call a 300-minute film a "cut" with a straight face...
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300 minutes is not a film. That is a trilogy.
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I have seen this movie and would like to comment on it.
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i love this movie so much that i will mention trivia about it to prove to you all how smart i am, and how big a fan i am of this film.
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C'mon, 300 minutes isn't that long, and what are you going to do with that time? Watch and fall asleep during Solaris twice?
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Huh, in the spoiler section on imdb is how I thought it might end. But I was too optimistic. The guy always gets the girl, it sells more like that. What I like about this film is the way Brando was portrayed as a introverted kinda cowboy. Most people I know that have worked with horses, on farms, ... cowboy kinda stuff, have been more introverted than the typical kinda motion picture cowboy. For example, John Wayne was great but in all his western kinda movies, he's pretty much a loudmouth. I like the quiet, reserved cowboy a bit better. I think it suites the archetype better.
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I watch the movie at least once a year also. Carl Malden was great in this movie, and also in On The Waterfront. Brando's Mexican friend was also really good in this movie. Brando's love interest was fine as hell, and good in this movie too. And the older hired gun was really cool too.
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Karl Malden
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There was a long interview with Karl Malden among the extras of the "On the Waterfront" DVD. I was touched by how fondly he spoke of Brando, how long their friendship endured (despite their differences in personality), how he praised Brando's theatrical and directoral brilliance, and how he happily recalled his memories of the shooting of One-Eyed Jacks.
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I always liked this movie. It got terrible reviews when it came out. The whipping scene was compared to a crucifixion (pace, Joe Beese) and cited as an example of Brando's excessive theatricality. On the other hand Brando was also dumped on for being too understated and mumbling his lines and so on. They were ready to attack Brando no matter what he did. It's too bad that the ending was changed but it's still a movie worth watching -- if for nothing else, then just to hear Brando mumble into his glass, "Yew scum-sucking pig."
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This must be my favorite Brando movie, and pretty near my favorite western, too. A marvelous, tiny moment: The scene in which Rio explodes during the card game when he's recuperating from the beating. Watch how the chair he was sitting on flies across the room and smashes on the wall, just from him leaping to his feet.

Getting beat up bad seems to a favorite theme in Brando's flix…
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