Snatch Wars
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Snatch Wars (Snatch vs. Star Wars) (SLYT, NSFW due to very bad language).

The boring description: Darth Vader re-dubbed with dialogue from Bricktop, the main antagonist of Guy Ritchie's movie 'Snatch'.
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The pedantic amendment: re-dubbed with dialogue from Bricktop and from Alan Ford's Eastend Thug from the Armando Iannucci Show.
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Oh, ace. Thanks The Ultimate Olympian, I wasn't aware of that. Only saw an episode or two of the Armando Iannucci Show.
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Previously on Metafilter, Darth Vader redubbed with James Earl Jones in Coming To America. In my opinion, marginally superior. AHA!

But this is still good.
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Verily, did I LOL.
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Dagobah? Yeah sure...I like Dagobah...
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The man himself enjoyed it too.
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tip top!
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Wow, not scary at all. Really shows what JEJ added to the part!
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Funny concept, but I feel they missed a great opportunity here: the Jedi all should have spoken like Pikeys.

Dr. Evazan: He doesn't like you.
Luke: Sorry.
Dr. Evazan: I don't like you either. You just watch yourself. We're wanted men. I have the death sentence on twelve systems.
Luke: I'll be careful.
Dr. Evazan: You'll be dead!
Obi-Wan: Nobody brings a fella the size of you unless they're trying to say something without talking, right boy?
[scuffle ensues]
Bartender: No blasters! No blasters!
Obi-Wan: [cuts off arm] Deadly kick for a fat fucker, ya know that?

I think that could totally work.
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Not quite as good as so_necessary's Vader link, but I laughed. Com-scan has detected an energy field ...
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Star Trek kicks this' ass! I just watched this, and I thought, "I could be watching Star Trek."

Seriously, Star Trek was about infinite times better than this.

Plus, IMAX?

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No discussion of Star Wars mashups is complete without an obligatory link to the celebrity exhaustion-riffic Vader Sessions, which I argue is the true masterpiece of the genre.
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