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Sites matching images to pregiven text have been done before, but the texts are seldom as good as those used at zweiterblick's sudelbild: the pictures are matched to (randomly selected?) aphorisms of scientist and all-around Enlightened fellow GC Lichtenberg (about whom more). The relation is sometimes fairly literal, sometimes fairly opaque, but it's worth it for the idiosyncratic selection of aphorisms in any case.
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This makes me wish I was not an Ugly American who only speaks English.
posted by egypturnash at 4:56 PM on May 12, 2009

This makes me wish I understood German.
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Lanstration, please?
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Still not reason enough to learn German.
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literal: To use the vox humana organ register.

opaque: It's a sad love when the first time you sleep with another is in the grave.

the main link: At the time he'd have almost broken his precious neck.

Only the second one makes any kind of sense to me, even in the original.
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I had sort of assumed that people would look at multiple entries, jedicus.
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"...sometimes fairly opaque...."

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