Baraka alternate soundtracks on youtube
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Baraka (previously) alternate soundtracks on youtube: Clint Mansell, Omni Trio, the Beatles, Chris Clark, and Buraka Som Sistema (warning: contains M.I.A., nudity).

And there's more.. a variety of DIY efforts: 1, 2, 3, 4.
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You forgot the best one!
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What some people don't know about that the Kecak ritual (the one with the waving fingers, featured in phrontist's link), is that it is a bunch of Muslims performing a telling of Hindu mythology as choreographed and arranged by a German Christian in the 1930's, with the primary theme based on a Pagan exorcism ritual. You can't get much more postmodern.
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Oopsies, I like Chris Clark.
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The idea for alternate soundtracks for Baraka may have originated from the multiple soundtracks to this similar film shot in Russia in 1929. The first alternate soundtrack was by Alloy Orchestra from 1996, the second was from Cinematic Orchestra in 2000/2, but there have been several others.
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Burhanistan: and here I was wondering if I could find Jewish, Buddhist, VooDoo and Shinto elements to the ritual.
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Obligatory Yakety Sax

I actually just watched Koyaanisqatsi last night and was already all hopped up on fast-forward versions of contemporary society.
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I never really understood all the love for Baraka. Perhaps it's because that, by the time I first saw it, its New Orientalist fetish for anything "indigenous" as somehow being more authentic or real than human experiences in the developed world (so typical of Western pop culture in the early 90s) was obvious and laughable.

I kept expecting Bono to swan on-screen, scoop up a little naked Amazonian child and hang a Yoruba necklace around its neck while awkwardly bouncing to Real Native Drums.
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(warning: contains M.I.A., nudity)

Drat, I read that as "warning: contains M.I.A. NO COMMA nudity." Oh well.
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Inexplicably, a bunch of old men who weren't involved in any of the dances of the main show came out at the very end and began aggressively poking themselves with blunted daggers

This would be the part where people are demonstrating their magical powers to avoid being cut, much like Shaolin show off stuff like getting hit with logs or breaking a spear (point first) with their collarbone. Luckily for you, it wasn't the more extreme stuff like actual painful piercing of the face, setting oneself on fire, or any of the other, much more scary demonstrations people do.
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"Baraka" indicates to me that the filmmakers were wannabes.

I couldn't get passed the pronunciation of baraka as ba-RA-ka rather than BAA-ra-ka. Pretty much summed up the movie to me: the appropriation of other people's stuff for cheap thrills.
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