A livingroom built inside the hollow, under a pier
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The room in the pier. Somewhere in Malmö, inside a pier, photographer Nils-Petter Löfstedt and carpenter Erik Vestman have been building a livingroom since January. Why? Why not? I might even have walked on it, not knowing that underneath the grey concrete lies a livingroom with white walls and oak wood floors. The duo will reveal its location on Friday and let the room meet its destiny. "Perhaps someone will move in here?" Erik muses in his written diary of the project.

The duo would bike out to the pier late at night, swim through the water, crawl in through the tiny opening and then begin building "as quietly as possible so as to not disturb the guys fishing on the pier". Erik kept a written diary of the project, while Nils-Petter photographed. Two entries read:
Feb: "It's strange that sometimes I stop and hold my breath when I hear someone walking above us. As if what we are doing is dangerous. Or evil. When it really should be wonderful. To reclaim a dirty old rotten hole and create something that is useful."

May: "At four a.m. when Petter crawled out to see that the coast was clear before we'd start on nailing in the wood, there was a crazy early-bird fisherman out there. So we had to crawl back in again, pack all of our stuff as quietly as possible and go home"

They've dug out old seaweed, raised the ceiling, added a classic security door and a window, laid the floors and even made a shelf out of an old mast that they found deep inside the pier. "It's probably from an old shipwreck" said Nils-Petter to Sydsvenskan Swedish only.
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Didn't some people build an apartment in an unused space in a parking garage a while ago?

Perhaps this can be the new urban trend, ultra-chic lofts in random places.
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Gotta love that sense of whimsy here. It's like the ultimate hideout and party room to pretend you and your lover are a million miles from Earth. I'm totally jealous.
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I don't understand, where's the TV?
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Clever, but I gotta say, I'm guessing it'll be destroyed by water inside of a year.
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Didn't some people build an apartment in an unused space in a parking garage a while ago?

Do you mean the apartment that was built on the sly in a mall? I love that story.
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When do they move in the IKEA furniture?
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Salon article on the secret mall parking garage apartment.

And while I can't find the original article, here's a (previously discussed) bit about a homeless Chicago man who built a secret apartment (with electric) on the underside of a drawbridge.
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They reclaim public space ... and put locks on the door.
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I also thought of that apartment in the mall, on the blue previously, and of the Brooklyn turtle submarine.
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a homeless Chicago man who built a secret apartment (with electric)...

Brings to mind Dark Days, the documentary "revealing a thriving community living in tunnels beneath New York City." Many had their own huts/homes with electricity, etc.
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MetaFilter: "somewhere between the torso and the Bridge"
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Loving the links everyone, I posted this partly because I just knew that similar examples would pop up in the thread y'all rock. The homeless lair underneath a drawbridge is fit for a quirky villain:
When the bells rang, signaling the arms of the bridge soon would ascend, he braced for a ride and cruised with the bridge as it slowly pitched him forward. If he was sitting down, he'd soon be standing. "The first time it was scary," Dorsay said in an interview. "After that, it was almost like riding a Ferris wheel."
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Some really unsafe circular-saw technique at 2:48 - 2:41.
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Cool. But Why not? Because it's a waste of time, money, energy and resources. Cool though.
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Another example in Seattle is a guy who appears to be somewhat of a serial builder of secret homes. His most famous example was a tree house, from which he was evicted by the city last year. He did, however, find a new home in an RV, purchased for him by his neighbors/friends for a penny. His pets also have the greatest names ever, btw.
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Some really unsafe circular-saw technique at 2:48 - 2:41.

Oddly enough, it's pretty common for contractors to freehand cut wood like that. It looks like his cut was longer than his grip and made it look awkward, but it's probably something he's done quite a few times before. Doesn't make it safe though.
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i have a kitchen they can work on next
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And regarding the drawbridge lair, this is why we can't have nice things:

"Predictably, it was one of the roommates that ruined his swell deal, telling police about the hidey hole after getting busted for stealing a car."

People suck.
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Thanks dabitch and supplementary link providers. Great stuff.
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Malmö! God I have unhappy memories from there.

I'm trying to picture this there and... I can't. But it does look very cool. Have to agree about the likely watery end to it, though.
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It’s well, uh, nice, what with the white walls, floors and all. I keep thinking about mold. Then comes high tide, water rushing in through that tiny door, and then waiting for death to come in claustrophobic darkness. I’m cool on the idea but I want air and another exit. I’m more of a view and fresh air sort favoring tree houses, windmills, fire lookouts, and old water tank houses. Last year my son and friends took my old cast off easy chair and hoisted it into the top of an olive tree. The boys slept all summer there, taking turns in the chair. When the wind blew, they said, the old chair would rock. Die like that, not in some old stinky rat hole. "Better to fall from the clouds," a Brazilian poet once said. "than to fall from the third floor."
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