The Eglinton Tournament
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In 1839, soon after Queen Victoria's accession, the Earl of Eglinton staged a re-enactment of a medieval tournament to mark the beginning of what he hoped would be a new age of chivalry. Despite torrential rain, the Eglinton Tournament was attended by 100,000 people and sparked off a popular craze for all things medieval. A new website tells the story of the tournament and reproduces, for the first time, twenty original watercolours recording the event in all its romantic splendour and absurdity.
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Huh. So, does this mean I can blame Queen Victoria for the modern Renn fair?
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Great (Sir Walter) Scot! How wonderful.

I wonder if they had kippers - thugs in pay of the opposition who would find fallen/injured knights, beat them senseless with clubs, and steal their weapons and armor. But that was the early days of tournament, before it became civilized.
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And thus the seeds that would eventually sprout into the SCA were sown.
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Dammit, tommasz, I came in to say the same thing.
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Brilliant, verstegan! My hairy reenactor friends will love this.
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I wonder if they had someone who wore a lot of black and said they'd like to fight in the tournament but with all their martial arts training they were afraid that they might accidentally kill someone.
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