Make your own little songs about raindrops
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Lullatone are a half-Japanese, half-American duo based in Japan who make music that can probably best be described as twee folktronica; a recent EP of theirs is titled "Little Songs About Raindrops". And now, you can make your own with their Raindrop Melody Maker Flash web toy, which looks a bit like a pastel-coloured Tenori-On:
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That Melody Maker is pretty fantastic. I do wish that flash apps could output higher quality audio, so I could record my little melodies for future listening.
posted by god hates math at 4:41 PM on June 4, 2009

If I ever do anything which can be "best described" with the phrase "twee folktronica," you guys will let me know, right?

(That said, I like this)
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simple, clean, happy. works for me.
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a recent EP of theirs

Technically it's a full-length, and came out in 2004. (They've done a lot of amazing stuff since!)
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I'm really glad it's raining here now.
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Kinda surprised the metronome indicates an extremely slow 3/4 bar..
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This is great! Reminds me of Brian Eno's iPhone app.
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here's another one (via)
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Nifty music, neat Flash gizmo, great post, but 'folktronica'? There's gotta be a better name.
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