Awesome Dolphins
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Dolphins create bubble rings by blowing air in a water vortex ring: by flipping a fin they create a vortex ring of water.

They then blow air in the ring, which goes to the center of the vortex ring. In the water vortex ring the natural location of the air is in the center of the vortex.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Pucelle or puzzel, dolphin or dogfish, Your hearts I'll stamp out with my horse's heels, And make a quagmire of your mingled brains. -- vacapinta

This post is much better, and isn't just some random blog with an embedded YouTube vid.
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And this one is exactly the same video.
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Yes, it's sort of a double.

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What's cool is when dolphins start criticizing your poetry and telling you to lay off the caffeine because they did a sonogram of your circulatory system with their echolocation apparatus. They can be so preachy.
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Three moderators appear on a fen:
Double, double, toil and trouble,
Double post on dolphin bubbles.
By the clicking of our mice
It's deleted in a thrice.
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