Marriage is all the rage.
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The man who really started the marriage trend: Henry VIII, how he dealt with the wives and what he had to do to get the woman he wanted (at the time he wanted her): Reformation.
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Obligatory: The Tudors.
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He was a monarch whose commitment to Catholicism, at the very end, came unglued.
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And for those in the UK: BBC Henry VIII: Patron or Plunderer?
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and it was his own damn fault that he couldn't produce a son
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Fascinating historical figure, some interesting links, but could you elaborate on how Henry VIII "really started the marriage trend" (other than the obvious 6 wives thing)? I'm not sure I follow the point.
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The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933) with Charles Laughton
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Needs more fennel.
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Divorced, beheaded, died,
Divorced, beheaded, survived.
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A specially made suit of armour belonging to Henry VIII recently went on display at the Tower of London. Apparently it was so ingeniusly constructed that it influenced NASA spacesuit design.
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blucevalo - was really refering to the e-marriage pile on in this thread. Should of linked to that originally as well I suppose.

I've been studying Tudors and Stuarts for 17 years so I thought this timely in light of more serious marriage issues (internationally speaking) and the fact everyone's having a bit of fun in MetaTalk.
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'en-er-y, 'en-er-y, 'en-er-y the eighth I yam!
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This explains so much.
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Didn't Adam and Eve start the marriage trend?
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See also "marriage, sanctity of".
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I have this image of Henry VIII, running around London like the Rick James of his day, doing Whatever. The. Fuck. He. Wanted. "I'M HENRY VIII, BITCH!"

nobility is a hell of a drug, I'm tellin' ya'.
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And here when I first read it, and hour or so ago, I read "mortgage trends," not "marriage trends." Don't want to think about what that says about me or where my head is today, but at least it's still attached to the rest of me. (Been mishearing things all morning since an early dog-bark, maybe that's it.)
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She Kisses Wyverns: Oh, okay. Makes sense to me now! Anyway, any FPP with Henry VIII in it is an awesome thread in my book. I envy the time and energy you've been able to put into studying the Tudors and Stuarts.
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Terrible Tudors gives you this sordid tale in song.
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Divorced annulled; annulled, then beheaded; died;
Divorced annulled and survived; annulled, then beheaded; survived.

Henry generally recovered from his failed marriages fairly quickly.

May 23, 1533: marriage to Catherine of Aragon annulled. Henry had already secretly married Anne Boleyn, who was pregnant.

May 28, 1533: marriage to Anne Boleyn declared good and valid.

May 19, 1536: Anne Boleyn executed.

May 20, 1536: Henry VIII betrothed to Jane Seymour.

May 30, 1536: Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour.

October 24, 1537: Jane Seymour dies.

January 6, 1540: Henry VIII marries Anne of Cleves.

July 9, 1540: marriage to Anne of Cleves annulled.

July 28, 1540: Henry VIII marries Catherine Howard.

February 13, 1542: Catherine Howard executed.

July 12, 1543: Henry VIII marries Catherine Parr.
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and it was his own damn fault that he couldn't produce a son

He produced several sons, but only one survived past infancy. Grim, and probably heartbreaking, at least for poor Catherine of A.
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Well, nobody seems to be sure what was up with the sons. Actually, two - maybe three? - that we know of survived infancy, it seemed to be adolescence that did them all in. One of those sites I visited that in that askme thread gave what seemed to me (who knows nothing about medicine, admittedly) a fairly compelling diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes for the whole family and said that that was what killed off the sons.
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Ms Cranky, most interesting - though I would argue that he had a pretty strong streak of, well, cranky, well before 1536. Pettish, you might say.

Still- most interesting, and thank you.

(Also- started perhaps the un-marriage trend?)
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He produced several sons, but only one survived past infancy.

He only had one legitimate son that survived past infancy. He had several illegitimate children, the most notable being Henry FitzRoy, the only one he recognized.
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Just found an interesting theory online that Anne Boleyn may have miscarried children after Elizabeth due to RH factor.

I've been watching the Tudors--in the middle of season two right now, right after (spoiler warning?!) Thomas More is beheaded, and I'm struck by the same feeling of disgust and doom that I felt when reading Phillipa Gregory's books. I know these are fictionalized accounts, but still, there was something really evil about Henry's selfishness, and, worse, giving someone with that greedy and petulant a nature that much power.
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PhoBWanKenobi: knowing my fondness for the period the SO has been watching The Tudors with me. But all he does each episode is sit there and mutter under his breath 'seriously, how did the human race survive?'

I think he's crediting Ol' Henry with a little too much reach, but I get where he's coming from. Just a brutal time.
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