Why Bother?
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Why Bother? was a Talkback production for BBC Radio 3, consisting of five radio interviews between Chris Morris and Peter Cook's character Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling, recorded in late 1993 and originally broadcast in 1994. The majority of the dialogue was ad libbed between the pair, which Morris then edited. Eels, Love & Guns | Bears | Christ | Prisoner Of War | Drugs etc 1 | Drugs etc 2
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I just found this on a torrent tracker last week. It's great.
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Fry's amazing eulogy.
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Why Bother is the source of one of my favorite Cook quotes: "I feel nothing but pride; that’s all I do feel. An empty pride, a hopeless vanity, a dreadful arrogance, a stupefyingly futile conceit... but at least it’s something to hang on to."
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Isn't it Greeb-Streebling?
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Brilliant, I love this stuff. Thank you very much.
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I never knew about this, and this is like heroin to me! Thank you!
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One reason I love the area I live in: it has a pub named "The Frog and Peach". (Only been there once; I'm not a pub-crawler; but it's just good to know it's there)
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That Chris Morris tape is great. He's wasted on the IT Crowd.
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Isn't it Greeb-Streebling?

No, Streeb-Greebling. You're thinking of Greeb-Streebling. The "T" is silent, as in "fox".

(Gosh, Youtube is a godsend for aficionados of Peter Cook.)
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Chris Morris's Jam causes the same reaction in me as Why Bother?

It's About Ryan

Mr. Lizard
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