A review site for various freeware apps and games
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Freeware Genius is a large review site for various freeware apps, from desktop organizing tools to philosophical flash games . There are literally hundreds of applications reviewed, as well as a few compilations to get you started.

Sick of iTunes? Check out these free options. Got a video on youtube that you think will be taken down? Copy it with this app! Really, there's tons of interesting stuff here, so check it out.
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Something on that site came up as a threat in my Trend Micro - unauthorized URL for www6.cbox.ws - just FYI.

Not sure it's a real threat or not, I was told by my software to talk to the IT department about why it's unauthorized. Since I'm the IT administrator, I talked to myself for a minute and was unable to come up with a reason.

So there you have it.
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I get a blank page.
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Coral Cache seems to work.
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Seems to be all windows, but not explicitly so. Also, not well organized. Also also, not very comprehensive at this point in time.

Heart in the right place, but not really FPP-worth yet. Would have been better off aging for a bit to thicken the back catalog. (what did I just say?)
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huh, sorry if people are getting weird things out of the site. I'd been going to it a few years now and never had any problems.

And yes, most of the things there are for PC. It's just one little way of trying to become more mac-like in the user interface...
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Mostly Windows.
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Anybody else have concerns with "virus-like" activity from the site. I haven't gone there yet, just want some assurance that I won't get tons of spam and/or virus activity if I do.
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A bunch of free Mac software is here.
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Who cares about free windows software? A useful list might be : Interesting young but good open source projects that man & windows users might be missing out on.
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