Secrets for everyone
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A small selection of Postsecret's spinoffs, from the blah to the pathetic, plus making fun of some of the dumber ones.
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Yeah, that last link is not so much with the working.
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I saw a great play inspired by Postsecret this week. It's called the "Keeper's Secret." it was terribly sad but very well done. About two people with the word-for-word same secret, though their secrets are very different, regardless. Well worth seeing if you're in TO and have no plans this weekend. "My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding" was also fantastic, and a much happier story! So see the Keeper's Secret first and then cheer up at the wedding.
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Hey, fandom secrets are SERIOUS BUSINESS.

... yeah, I got nothin'.
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Postsecret just makes me sad.

Fandom!secret makes me sadder.
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Thanks for the 'making fun' link, because the other two are just too depressing.
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I prefer BroadwaySecrets.
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My secret is very serious, so you can all just forget about it.
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Huh, I used to lurk at LJSecrets. I never thought they'd ever be Mefi-worthy.

There's also BlogSecrets on Tumblr if anyone wants more text than graphics.

The Anti-Sec hack is wrecking a lot of the secret posts tho.
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The corrected last link is pretty funny.

If only auto-pager worked on LJ, my whole night would be shot to hell.
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That Fandom Secrets thing makes me believe in God specifically to hate Him.
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Second Life has one too.

it's hit and miss. (lots of misses, since way too many of them are bitchy back-and-forths between builders/designers, but some are pretty interesting if you're familiar with this particular virtual world.
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[fixed the link, carry on]
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Surprised no one's mentioned secrettweet over on twitter. Same stuff, but thankfully text only.

Also see WoWSecrets over on on LJ.
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Lolsecretz I found right when I was getting sick of PostSecret and I lost my shit over it

This seems to have more consistent output I'm not sure if it's the same people or not...
Lolsecrets v1.0
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The stupidlj_secrets one was awesome. Thank you!

My secret? I hate it when we run out of regular-sized forks and I have to use the tiny ones.
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