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i dream of a world without you: death notices for the nonexistent.

(Via the blog of John "Scary Go Round" Allison, one of the contributors.)
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Sometimes, an image seems to be drawn specifically to conform to a certain meme.
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*not a real dot*
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Wow. This is really clever. I especially like how some of the stories are related (Sebastian Addledodge-Cuttlefish and Ralph Sterback, the first two, for example). Inspired stuff.
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The non-existent people must read non-existent books.
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Reminds of that fake obituary to catch the party crashers that was posted on MeFi a while back (six months ish). my google-fu fails me.
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If you like these you might like Nazi Literature in the Americas - which is the only work of fiction with "Nazi" in the title which reads like reading candy.
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I like these. Thanks.
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Percy Percy (1906 - 1947) was a small time debt collector from Las Vegas, USA.

Oh, how far the Percy family has fallen since they left the circle of the Blackadder family.
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"Spent his later years urinating further upstream" will be my epitaph.
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I didn't like this.

But it reminds me of Veronica Geng's Partners -- absurdist wedding announcements after the style of the NYT's "Vows" column. Link (subscription only). Here's her (real) obit. Jon Franzen read another absurdist bagatelle of hers recently on the NY'er fiction podcast, and they also discussed her life a bit.
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Harry P Willmonger's collection of trinkets and dazzling shinies - is it on display anywhere? My interest is entirely reasonable, no matter what anyone says.
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