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Si Begg has made a new EP. In the spirit of the age he's experiementing with how to get it out into the world, he's given his samples away before, now he's giving all the songs away free or you can buy a nice box set with an 12" made of oak!
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All 4 tracks as MP3's available from 1st September 2009.
But for now, here is a little teaser mp3 of what is to be expected.

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Have always enjoyed the live sets of his I've gotten my mitts on, as well as his releases. Didn't know he was doing this. Thanks for the heads up!
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holy shit. those two custom made 12" discs are incredible.

are they legit? a rubber record and an oak record?
that sounds like some kind of crazy that wayne coyne would have done.
i don't dig the tracks so much, but i want those records!

thank you sam and rufus for a very inspirational post!
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Sorry about that sveskemus, I thought it was all online ready to download.
Hope I haven't ruined the marketing plan by putting it on here before it was all ready to go.
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Woah, holy crap. I might just take a listen to his music. That way I have an even better excuse to buy that absolutely beautiful wooden record.
(If you've followed my comments in the past you might know I have a... vinyl fetish?)
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wooden record

Well, it's round and wood and 12" but that doesn't make it a record since you can't play it.
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Well, it's round and wood and 12" but that doesn't make it a record since you can't play it.

But you have to admit it sure looks nice. I think that was the point anyway.
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Holy samples, Batman!

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Doesn't this guy know that it's impossible to make a living by giving music away for free?
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Holy shit! I'm a huge Si Begg fan and I had no idea about this -- thank you so much! For those who don't know about his music, a fantastic starting point are the following two absolutely killer eps: 1 2. His productions are so clean you could eat off of them, and he's one of the few people experimenting with dubstep and more traditional strains who is able to bridge the experimental and the dancefloor-worthy with equal skill.
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