LeBron dunk video emerges
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After all the hoopla, the 'LeBron Gets Dunked On!' video finally emerges. An entire nation watches and says... "um... that was it?"

LeBron James dunked on by Xavier star Jordan Crawford.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: It would be good to (a) provide some context for the majority of people who don't know what this is about or why it's interesting and (b) find a way to link to anything other than a freakin' ebaum property. -- cortex

I have no idea who any of these people are and what this alleged hoopla was and why there's a single ebaumsworld link on the home page.
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If the entire nation says "um... that was it?" then it's probably not FPP worthy.
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So, where did Ebaum steal this from?
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Look at all this hoopla.
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When was ebaum downgraded from world to nation?
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They talked about it on Sportsfilter--maybe that's the hoopla.
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I'm waiting for the completely unedited version where you can see Nike representatives drag Crawford off the court and shoot him dead.
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"Hoopla," in this case, meaning "worthy of three Deadspin posts in a single day." So, less hoopla than Erin Andrews, more than Ben Rothlisberger. Which may be some magic MeFi sweet spot?
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I think you guys are missing the point. The FPP needs context.

The story goes that LeBron James -- either the No. 1 or No. 2 basketball player on the planet -- was dunked on by an also-ran college player during a scrimmage, and that afterward, he and Nike freaked out and tried to confiscate and destroy all copies of the video.

There was much speculation about what exactly was on the tape that led the two camps to react as strongly as they did. There was a lot of discussion about control of the media and image and modern PR in the age of YouTube.

Then the tape comes out and it's ... meh. LeBron doesn't look like an idiot. People are asking, what was the fuss all about, Nike? And then it becomes a discussion about shitty PR.
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And TMZ, who announced that they had the only footage and would reveal it today, got beat to the punch by ebaumsworld.
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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that James getting his hat handed to him by the Orlando Magic did a lot more "damage" to his image than this video ever could.
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The FPP needs context content.
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Is "hoopla" a basketball pun? That would be funny.
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I think ebaum had his website taken in some kind of contractual dispute (heh), which I guess is why there's now an Ebaums "nation" (first time I've heard of it)


I would say the same thing, except I already stopped buying their shoes when it came out that they were made in sweatshops.

But confiscating tapes? Seriously? Who thought that would be a good idea?
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