"Obama wades in on Racial Issue"
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In last night's address, President Obama weighed in on the topic of Professor Gates' arrest in Cambridge, saying the police had acted "stupidly." We've discussed the issue itself previously, but the President's comments were themselves morning show fodder today.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: there's an open link from a day and a half ago. The one NYT link should probably go there. -- jessamyn

Final link is broken.
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Entire post belongs in the open Gates thread.
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Entire post belongs in the closed threads... um... place.
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I agree with Kirth Gerson and that's a first.
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I agree with everyone.
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I'm clearly not going to win this, so I should keep my mouth shut. But I disagree. The Gates issue has to do with Gates himself being arrested for disorderly conduct. This is certainly a subheading, but for the president to make what the New York Times calls an "unprecedented" foray into local police actions is noteworthy in itself. But it looks like three strikes, so I guess I concede.
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I disagree with box.
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Another comment from salon.com
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