Name That Tune, Mr. Spock!
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Name That Tune, Mr. Spock! Finding two of the same unforeseeable thing online entirely by accident raises an eyebrow. Can you name all the tunes in Glenn McDonald's Audiotests or the equivalent faux-Survivor task by Ron Yeany et al.? (The latter links directly to an MP3 file. See contest page.) ¶ Also, Glenn (ibid.) has an hilarious photo album. And who can explain the reference in the title of this posting?
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Terrific link, joe! The Carbon House gang sound like they're really cool! Why can't my college experiences be that fun? I've never watched an episode of Survivor, but this amateur version surely puts the original to shame!

This link also brought back fond memories of my attempts at Jayson Wechter's SF Treasure Hunt.
posted by JDC8 at 10:30 PM on June 17, 2001

That photo album is some good stuff.
posted by Hankins at 10:57 PM on June 17, 2001

In case anyone is wondering, I think joeclark is referencing Spy Magazine (ah, the memories...)

In their front section, they once had a bit in which cold Vulcan logic was applied to lyrics of pop songs. The literal re-interpretations were pretty funny, but the only one I remember today was Elton John's "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me.' You can imagine where that one went...

What do I win, Joe???
posted by Dirjy at 3:44 PM on June 18, 2001

Close! “Adieu, jaundiced vehicular pathway consisting of blocks of baked clay.”

(Also: “I resisted the body of legislated constraints upon behaviour, and those same constraints emerged victorious.”)

They only ran it once. I wish to [expletive] I could remember them all.

Our winner receives a complimentary soy latte, or complimentary sodomy, depending on local definition of the term.
posted by joeclark at 4:57 PM on June 18, 2001

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