It was never easy being green, but Jim made it a bit easier.
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The service took place at the beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Divine, down the street from where I lived in New York City and the view from my window when I was hospitalized at St. Roosevelt, directly across the street from it.
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He's still alive.
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Oh crap. Okay, I'll watch this in a bit, after I've steeled myself for it.

There have been exactly two "celebrity" deaths which have left me shattered. One was Jim Henson, the other was Fred Rogers.

Both of them left deep stamps on my person for similar yet different reasons.

But Henson died so young, and so unexpectedly. His passing really shocked me, and I had to leave work early the day he died. It wasn't my idea -- I was told to leave because I was pretty much useless.

Is today the anniversary of his death or something?
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Don't forget "Turn the World Around" by Harry Belafonte.
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Try Wilkins Coffee.
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Ok, eff you MeFi..............
I was sitting here just bouncing round minding my own business and I click on one stupid link and I am bawling my eyes out. A 36 year old man with two kids and a wife crying while I watch big bird sing "It's not easy........."

And yea, I lost it the day Fred Rogers died also.
Back in the day I was a huge fan of Henson. I remember wanting to visit this kid I barely knew because he had cable and I could watch Fraggle Rock.
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I think i will now cry myself to sleep...
thanks for the link though
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Ah, Jesus.

So I just got up to answer a support call from work and thought I'd check the front page before I went back. I was having trouble sleeping anyway, so it was no big deal getting the call. And then you had to go and get me.

Something about that scene of Gonzo staring up at the stars from that campfire, singing "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday" in that wrecked little voice of his has never failed to cut me to the quick. It's most likely that one line: "There's not a word yet for old friends who've not met," such a simple and sweet thing that encapsulates the sheer possibility of life, that damn near always turns me to pudding if I don't see it coming. In this context, well, shit.

I have to go back to bed now, but thanks for this post and for fucking me up like this in the middle of the night. I'm pretty sure my son and I are going to watch The Muppet Movie tomorrow while we eat breakfast.
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Well, now I'm bawling. :[
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Me, too.
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Via Wikipedia, Jim Henson (September 24, 1936 - May 16, 1990)

So, it's not the anniversary of his death, & I don't think anyone else involved died, which was what I immediately & heartsinkingly thought.
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Yes, this year Death really has it in for our childhoods and pop culture in general. I mean, MJ and John Hughes popping off within a month of each other? We're a David Lee Roth away from writing an epitaph to the whole of the '80s...

I was bracing myself for a "Frank Oz is..." impact, and I'm pleased to relive Henson memories, instead.

Tho, to jerk summore tears, when I was a kid, a girl was killed by a schoolbus in an awful accident not three hundred feet from my driveway. Her favorite song was "Rainbow Connection," and it was the only song played at her funeral, which my parents made me attend, as we were kids from the same neighborhood. So, yes, the jaw tightens, the eyes water, and it's just these damn allergies when Kermit sings almost any damn thing.
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Most of these have been on my favourites list for some time. I had not seen the "Bring Him Home" performance, however.

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Damn, metafilter. I love crying as much as the next gal, but...jesus. There's been a lot of it in the past couple of days.

But still, I love this.
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The muppets themselves, remember Jim.
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awww, bugger. Just about to go to bed and this.
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*sniffle* That was wonderful.
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Oh, lode. I clicked the firsT YT link blindly and I go hm...wait.. I know this broadcast... GAHH BIG BIRD WALKING IN NOOOOOO *close close close close*.

Please, I have things to do today, I can't afford a full morning of weeping.
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Ok, I'll admit it. One of my very favorite Christmas specials / albums ever is the one with John Denver and the Muppets. If I could only pick one thing to watch / listen to for the entire month of December, that would be it -- no Rudolph for me.
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I'm glad to know I'm not the only person this made cry.
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if you're not crying yet, try this comic
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Please. Just thinking about the melody of any one of these songs, completely outside of any specific context, makes me tear up. Will save this for a more private moment.
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Tom Smith wrote the song "A Boy and His Frog" when he heard Jim Henson died. This was its first public performance. I still cry when I hear it.
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Oh geez, I'd never heard "A Boy and His Frog" till today. But that song just changed my life.
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Okay, so I took a little time off and found the strength to get through the rest of the links on this page. And damn! "A Boy And His Frog", amazing tribute, amazing song.

I'm don't favorite a lot of threads, but this one is going on my list. I haven't had a more cathartic release in years, I think, and while I won't want to do this every day, it's been amazing to just let myself really mourn the loss of Henson once more.

And they're still working on that Dark Crystal sequel? Well, damn. Seems like it is being produced in a geologic time scale. I hope they don't ruin one of the most magical things I know of.

Of course, there IS a Labyrinth sequel, but it is not a film. You can read most of it here in a crappy flash interface.
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