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The Ragpicker's Dream (Short). World at Work: Brazilian Ragpickers. What it feels like to be a Ragpicker. Their contradictions, and a mobile home for them to sleep in.
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We can all learn from them: the Zabaleen, Cairo's ragpickers, were able to recycle 80% of the garbage they collected before being supplanted by two companies from Spain and one from Italy. The best these companies can do is salvage 20% of the garbage. (from the book "Dispossessed" by Mark Kramer)
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Wow, this post is a mess. A musical YouTube link with no actual relation to the subject at hand other than the title... An unlabeled .pdf download... a very thin article which doesn't really talk much about how it "feels" to be a member of the worker class, and a second link to the .pdf article which doesn't actually contain the article because it's hidden behind a paywall?

It's a very interesting topic being given huge disservice by this sloppy post.
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Thank you, hippybear--I needed a good hit in the shins for that.
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