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Tales of Mere Existence (previously 1 & 2) is "stuff you think but don't talk about": I Can't Sleep :: A Typical Conversation With My Mom :: My Darling? :: Subtext :: Conversation :: I Have To Get Ready :: Procrastination :: How To Cope With Depression :: ...Take Shoes Off? :: Boyfriends I Have Been (MLYT)

So yeah, this has been posted twice, but it's been a good 4 years since the last time and there's some new stuff that's gone up and most of it's pretty funny and rings true to life... Even though it's been around for so long maybe some of you have never heard of it and aren't one of the 900,000 YouTube viewers... and if you are then maybe we should be friends oh did you know Lev can even do party tricks?

Want more?
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I love Lev (if you couldn't figure that out by the fact that I made a post about him too).
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This is good stuff. I like the style.
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nice! i subscribed... thanks!
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I remember watching Lev's videos in 1999 in SF and it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. I was pissed two years later in 2001 where an out of work web guy got internet famous for basically stealing Lev's delivery, drawing style, and humor (I forget what the name of the series is but it's basically some guy doing a bad copycat version of this in stories about being out of work after the bubble).
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These feel like the kind of thing I would normally like, but I'm finding them utterly underwhelming.
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