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UCTV is on YouTube. Watch a feature on Claude Shannon. Or load an hour-long-plus lecture on the evils of fructose onto your iPod. There's apparently 3403 more videos to watch . . .
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Selected videos are available directly from the UCTV website, not all are available as downloadable video.
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Part of the YouTube EDU subsite, which offers videos from tons of institutions on all possible topics, from macro-economics to auditioning for Frank Zappa: "Now play it in 7/8 raggae."

Disclaimer: I worked on portions of the infrastructure used by EDU, but you guys link to YT often enough anyway, so I doubt the above qualifies as self-promotion :)
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The sugar lecture is stellar. And timely given the big thread from yesterday about HFCS. I thought I'd just watch a couple minutes of it but, nope, it's too excellent to stop.
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Claude Shannon was incredible. Thanks for posting this.
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That sugar lecture was frightening.
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Hmm. Not sure what to make of the fact that a link to a rotating pizza generates a lot more MeFi discussion than a link to thousands of talks and other videos from leading educational institutions...
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My biased summary of the sugar video for friends that I email:

America's kids sugar use has risen from around 15 grams a day in 1915
to about 72 grams now - that might make more than a few kids fat - but
that's not all it does. Read on.

I just watched a really great video on YouTube call "Sugar: The Bitter
Truth" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBnniua6-oM ) about sugar and
nutrition. Dr Lustig, a Pediatrician at USCF, examines the historical
rise of sugar in our diets and how it relates to heart disease,
diabetes, obesity - the host of diseases related to metabolic
syndrome. I know you care about your health and I thought I would
share my thoughts on this and sum up the video for you if you don't
have time to watch it (or if your eyes roll back in your head every
time you have to watch a PowerPoint slide show with organic

His main point is basically that sugar - specifically fructose (table
sugar, high fructose corn syrup [HFCS], and fruit juices), is a poison
in almost all the same ways that alcohol is a poison. Frutose and
ethanol (alcohol) are processed by the liver pretty much exclusively
and are treated by our bodies in almost exactly the same way. HFCS and
sugar are the same, as the commercials do say, it's just they don't
say is how bad they both are for our bodies.

Here are the diseases that sugar can cause in excess and that alcohol
can cause in excess.


• Hematologic disorders
• Electrolyte abnormalities
• Hypertension
• Cardiac dilatation
• Cardiomyopathy
• Dyslipidemia
• Pancreatitis
• Malnutrition
• Obesity
• Hepatic dysfunction (ASH)
• Fetal alcohol syndrome
• Addiction

Excessive sugar in diet

• Hypertension
• Myocardial infarction
• Dyslipidemia
• Pancreatitis (2o dyslipidemia)
• Obesity
• Hepatic dysfunction (NASH)
• Fetal insulin resistance
• Habituation, if not addiction

If alcohol is bad for you, sugar is almost just as bad - but more evil
in that it's silent and stealthy in it's debilitating effects. A
reason that we may immediately recognize alcohol as a poison but not
sucrose is that the brain also metabolizes alcohol (drunkenness), but
our brain basically ignores fructose. Our brain is so turned off to
fructose that even if we have hundreds of calories of it - our brain
has no idea that we had those calories. The hormone that makes our
brain signal that we are full(ghrelin) is not produced when we eat
sugar, so we still feel hungry. That's a trick isn't it?

These two carbohydrates get converted almost exclusively to fat - so a
low fat diet, high in sugars is really just a high fat diet. Our
bodies just turn the sugars into fat and cause all these problems
along the way. Alcohol is readily converted to fat, and so folks get
beer bellies from the alcohol - with sugar, we are getting fat kids.
Our bodies treat fructose like a fat.

Notice the word fructose there, yes that is the sugar in fruit. Does
that make fruit bad? Only when you remove the fiber that it naturally
comes with it - the fiber helps move the sugar out of our bodies and
into the waste stream without as much of the metabolizing nastiness as
straight fruit juice by itself. Think of sugar cane, it's basically a
stick, how much fiber is that?

The Dr's prescription?

* Get rid of all sugared liquids - only water and milk

* Eat your carbohydrates (fruit, sugar, etc) with fiber (white flour
has very little fiber)

* Wait 20 minutes for second portions

* Buy your screen time minute-for-minute with physical activity

That's it. It's that simple. I'm going to go dump my soda down the
sink now. Good health to you!

Some interesting tidbits:

Some infant formulas has just as much sugar as Coke - Which makes it
basically an infant milkshake. 1:19:05 of the video.

Sugar is addictive enough that it changes brain structure:

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Dood, when that pizza came on the screen and it was rotating...I was like all, "Awwwww!"
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Oh wrong thread wut
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Thanks for posting this; there are actually some wonderful delights to be found such as the aerial dance videos (no, I'm not going to link to them because the basic MeFI user has the skill, imagination, and intelligence to find them) that I found when I first heard about the whole EDU on YouTube thing.
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His main point is basically that sugar - specifically fructose (table sugar, high fructose corn syrup [HFCS], and fruit juices), is a poison in almost all the same ways that alcohol is a poison.

Wait! Sugar will raise my HDL the same way beer will?!?!?! Rock! Perfect lipid panel here I come!

In all seriousness - this is why when I hear nutrition advice on the web I just want to smack someone.
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So Kid Charlemange are you saying that the sugar lecture is bunk or is it my framing of the presentation of the facts that is wrong?
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Thank you very much for this post. Shannon's information theory has been one of the fundamental elements in my own studies, but I had never come up with the idea of looking at his personal history. Seems like quite a remarkable man. The story of the Alzheimer's of his late years combined with the appreciation displayed by all those people who knew him nearly brings a tear to my eye.

I will look around for many of the other videos as well. By the way, what would be the best place for finding this and other freely accessible material produced by universities?
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Any diet related Askme's will now just be getting the sugar lecture link.
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ALso the lecture about the higher risks that young middle class family's face now, as oposed to those starting out in the 1970s is, frankly, scary. Imagine what the bankruptcy figures look like now for this group, after 2 years of economic contraction.
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That was nice of you to do the summary bigmusic. It would be great if there were transcripts for videos like this. There isn't time to see all the good ones, but reading them would be a nice substitute....

Munchbunch, the face of the young middle class today is a guy dressed in a loin-cloth :) (check the link)
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lol. So it is. (this is a video that was an FPP around the same time I was looking at this thread). I can't find the other one now : (
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