"Flowers are the expression of society."
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Les Fleurs Animées by JJ Grandville, 1847. Brought to you by the perennial mefite favorite BibliOdyssey (Previously)
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Or in other words, peacay does it again.
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Lots more Les Fleurs Animées and Grandville previously.
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Hemlock and Water Lily are my favorites.

Grayscale versions of these would make a great coloring book.
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Sorry mediareport, I didn't see that you got there first. I understand if this gets deleted, though the spread on BO is way handier in terms of of just gawking at the pretty pictures.

*drinks hemlock*
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*smacks hemlock out of hermitosis' hands*

I hope it doesn't get deleted; I love the guy! Just pointing out that there's lots more Grandville around.
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Ah, thanks mediareport!

*checks self into rehab*
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This one has helpful English translations too.

Delightful drawings!
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god another animée thread who cares about that japanese nerd shit
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Ah this was one of my favorite books growing up. Whenever anyone tells me that tulips are their favorite flower, I think of the tulip story and how tulips are weak.
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